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Roots Deeper Than Whiteness (Webinar)

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Roots Deeper Than Whiteness (Webinar)

October 9, 2022

Sundays, October 9, October 23, November 6 & November 20, 2022, 1:00pm-3:30pm (PT)


Hosted by White Awake. This course is designed to help white people build a healthy sense of self rooted in liberatory knowledge and practice. As an online platform that offers political education for people socially classified as “white”, White Awake focuses on developing class consciousness, understanding racism as a divide and control strategy, and breaking the alignment between everyday white people and the capitalist, the ruling class (which occurs at everyone’s expense). Our desire is to supplement the work of social change – whether that be labor and community organizing, electoral campaigns, or other models of action – such that spiritual, educational, and cultural change is fully integrated into white people’s participation in collective liberation struggles.


Roots Deeper than Whiteness helps participants make these connections by focusing on three primary themes: 1) developing emotional resilience and political wisdom; 2) connecting personal and family stories to a broader historical and political analysis; 3) bringing a more rooted sense of self to solidarity-based action for positive social change. This is a good course for white folks at all stages of political development, whether you are new to anti-racism or have years of experience in activism, organizing, and/or working-class politics. It is also a great introduction to White Awake’s work, and can be a powerful curriculum for group engagement. Sessions will be recorded. Live attendance is not mandatory. CEUs are available. 


The goal of the class is to support your (or your group’s) engagement in multiracial, solidarity-based organizing for a world where everyone thrives. In service of this goal, the course offers:

  • emotional resilience tools for navigating the work of social change and responding intentionally in charged situations
  • a solidarity-based political analysis that highlights the function of white supremacy as a divide and control strategy
  • a historical analysis of the creation of white racial identity, how different European settler and immigrant groups were socialized into it, and the cultural and political traditions they lost in the process
  • insight into hidden histories of multiracial resistance to oppressive social forces
  • support for your creation of a personal action plan to engage in solidarity-based work for positive social change


Cost: $80-$280. Registration and more information here.

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