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Mental Health America Webinars

Dozens of recorded trainings available. Trainings include:

  • Becoming Kids’ Role Model for Positive Food Relationship and Healthy Body Image – Even If You Haven’t Figured It Out for Yourself
  • Black Joy: Impacting The Mental Health Of Black Communities
  • Living Mentally Well With Chronic Pain Conditions
  • Managing Chronic Disease: The Mental Health Connection
  • Serving An Underserved Population: Peer Support, Disability, And Mental Health
  • Harnessing Our Strengths: Exploring The Mental Health Of Native American Communities
  • Developing A Sustainable Youth-Led Peer Support Program
  • Writing Through Lived Experience: Writing To Support Your Mental Health Journey
  • Gender Identity: Support From Exploration To Transition
  • Gaming For Mental Health: Using Video And Board Games To Support Wellbeing
  • I Don’t Know How To Navigate My Child’s Worries About Bullying
  • Reducing The Risk Of Youth Suicide: A Discussion On Education, Prevention, And Early Intervention
  • Practicing Self-Compassion
  • Wellness Routines For Uncertain Times
  • How Peer Specialists Can Support Harm Reduction

Cost: Free

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