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Racial Equity Learning Series

Recorded Webinars

The Racial Equity Learning Series offers support to new and existing program and system-level staff in their efforts to:

  • understand the connection between structural racism and the overrepresentation of certain racial and ethnic groups in the homelessness system
  • understand the importance of data collection and analysis to identify potential racial disparities within the homeless system
  • develop practical approaches to addressing racial disparities in homelessness programs or systems

Self-paced courses in the Learning Series include:

  • Understanding How We Got Here: How Historic and Ongoing Structural Racism Create Racial Disparities in Homelessness: Due to the ongoing legacy of slavery and colonialism, African-Americans, Native Americans, Alaska Natives, and Pacific Islanders are significantly over-represented among people experiencing homelessness. This course explores historical racism and how it manifests today to create racial disparities in homelessness systems and programs.
  • Using Data to Analyze Racial Disparities in the Homelessness System: The Alliance’s Racial Equity Network (REN) is a group of local and state systems and program leaders and advocates that work to improve practices, data collection, and action steps to address racial disparities in homelessness. The REN created a simple tool to measure racial disparities in key parts of the homelessness system. This course explains the REN tool and other data tools to collect data on and analyze racial disparities.
  • Action Steps to Address Racial Disparities in Homelessness Systems and Programs: As communities begin to analyze racial disparities in their homelessness programs and systems, they must also work to address those disparities and build equitable programs and systems to end homelessness. The Alliance’s Racial Equity Network (REN) has also developed some short- and long-term action steps that communities can take to achieve that goal. This course explores those actions steps and provides an opportunity to learn how they can be implemented at the system and program levels.

Cost: $39.95. Registration and more information here.

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