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Youth SAVE for Primary Care

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for Primary Care

Youth SAVE (Primary Care)

Youth SAVE (Suicide Assessment in Virtual Environments) equips medical providers to assess and intervene with youth who have thoughts of suicide. As a participant of Youth SAVE, this training will educate and challenge you to:

  • Understand and apply an equity lens to suicide prevention with youth in medical settings
  • Understand and identify needs, risks, resiliency factors, and challenges related to suicide among youth; 
  • Understand and identify needs, protocols, and tools related to suicide assessment and intervention among youth in medical settings
  • Conduct suicide assessment and intervention with youth in medical settings
  • Incorporate resiliency factors for the youth and incorporate them into a collaborative safety plan; and
  • Identify and connect to local resources for support with suicide prevention with youth.

The Youth SAVE training consists of 9 hours to be completed by participants over multiple days. The training format consists of two 3.5-hour virtual class sessions and two 1-hour webinars to be completed independently. This training uses Zoom and we require participants to have their camera for the duration of virtual class sessions.

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