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United Suicide Survivors International

We invite you to join US for upcoming webinars or to watch those that we’ve already offered. Past Webinars:

  • “When the Professional is Personal: Lessons from Lived Experience of Suicidality & Helping the Suicidal Person” presented by Stacey Freedenthal, Ph.D., LCSW
  • “DOGS: A Medication without Side Effects” presented by Matthew Decker
  • “Dignity of Choice: Care and Compassion During Mental Health Crises” presented by Rudy Caseres
  • “The Missing Peace: Making Meaning of the Pain from the Past” presented by Cheryl Sharp
  • “Suicide and Firearms: What Do We Know and What Can We Do?” presented by Clint and Joanie Malarchuk and Dr. Michael Anestis
  • “The Art and Science of Storytelling in Suicide Prevention” presented by Dr. Sally Spencer-Thomas
  • “Youth Advocacy and Resiliency in the LGBTQ Communities: Insights from the Trevor Project”
  • “Cultivating your Unconquerable Spirit: Nurturing Personal Growth and Strength after a Suicide Attempt” presented by Shelby Rowe.
  • “Let Their Voices Be Heard: How Family and Friends of People Living Through Suicide Crises are Allies” presented by Annemarie Matulis and Marcia Epstein.
  • “Everyone Needs a Crisis Plan: Planning for the Worst while Thriving Forward” presented by Dr. Ursula Whiteside.
  • “Responding to Grief, Trauma, and Distress After a Suicide: A Look at the National Guidelines” presented by Franklin Cook and Joanne Harpel.
  • “Change for Change Agents” presented by Eduardo Vega.
  • “Appreciative Inquiry of People with Lived Experience with Suicide (Loss, Attempts, Thoughts/Feelings, Allies)” by Sally Spencer-Thomas, Eduardo Vega, and Ursula Whiteside.

Cost: Free

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