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Advancing Racial Equity Webinar Series

Archived Webinars

Hosted by the American Public Health Association. Alarming disparities within the COVID-19 pandemic — such as higher hospitalizations and death rates among African Americans — are sadly predictable and highlight the urgent need to address the root causes of health inequities. APHA is hosting this webinar series to give an in-depth look at racism as a driving force of the social determinants of health and equity. 

This series explores efforts to address systems, policies, and practices designed to limit and shape opportunities for people of color. Our presenters highlight collective and individual actions we can take to advance racial equity and justice.

Webinars include: 

  • Racism: The Ultimate Underlying Condition 
  • A Path to Reproductive Justice: Research, Practice, and Policies 
  • Reborn Not Reformed: Re-Imagining Policing for the Public’s Health
  • Racial Healing for Ourselves, Our Communities and Our Future
  • Housing is a Human Right
  • Mobilizing Public Health to Achieve Environmental Justice 

Cost: Free. Registration and more information here.

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