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Injury Control Research Center for Suicide Prevention

Archived Webinars

32 webinars and training materials are available online here.

Webinar titles include:

  • Promoting Connectedness for Youth through Social Networks – February 2019
  • Preventing Suicide through Social Connectedness: An Overview of What We Know About Promoting Connectedness – December 2018
  • Suicide & Bullying: Preventing Suicide through Collaborative Upstream Interventions – July 2018
  • Understanding the Relationship between Traumatic Brain Injury and Suicide – June 2018
  • Translating Suicide Research to Practice – April 2018
  • Suicide & Maternal Depression: Uncovering the Prevalence of Maternal Depression Resulting in Self-Harm – April 2018
  • Suicide & Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs): Preventing Suicide through Collaborative Upstream Interventions – March 2018
  • The Rationale for Developing Comprehensive Approaches to Suicide Prevention and One State’s Experience with This Approach – January 2018

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