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edX Online Courses

Take free online mental health courses from top universities and institutions around the world on edX. In partnership with quite a few respected universities and institutions, edX offers courses in a variety of mental health fields. You can study substance abuse and medications for mental health with ColgateX. You can also learn about issues in social work and Social Welfare with the University of Michigan. You also have the opportunity to earn a micro-masters degree through the University of Michigan in Social Work: Practice, Policy, and Research. This series is a more in-depth look at American policy and how research is shaping the newest practices in the field. You can learn about both adults and children, mental disorders and behavioral health in vulnerable populations. Young people and children are also significant areas of research with courses dealing with suicide prevention and other health services for mental health issues.

Courses include:

  • Spiritual Competency Training in Mental Health
  • ‘Talk to Me’: Improving Mental Health and Suicide Prevention in Young Adults
  • Managing Study, Stress and Mental Health at University
  • An Evidence-Based Approach to the Diagnosis and Management of Migraines in Adults in the Primary Care and General Neurology Setting
  • Remotely Humorous: Build Joyful and Resilient Virtual Teams with Humor
  • Autism and Neurodiversity: Building Your Child’s Strengths
  • Able-Minded – Mental Health and People with Intellectual Disability

Cost: Free

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