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Making it Matter with Micro-Interventions: Simple Tools To Support Ourselves and Others in Stressful Times

This course may be completed over a week or more and is designed to provide a practical and effective approach to supporting individuals experiencing loneliness, stress, and mental health, and substance-use struggles (including suicidal thoughts). Micro-interventions are brief, evidence-based strategies designed to provide immediate support. Maybe, more importantly, this course is about improving our ability to cope more effectively with stress and to manage our important relationships.

The course includes practical strategies to be applied to everyday personal and work life. The course takes at minimum a week to complete to allow for independent work involving the practice of the strategies (two Practice Assignments). You will have one month to complete the course once initiated. After completing the online course content, and once you have practiced these strategies independently, you are eligible to complete the final piece of the course. 2 CEUs are available.

At the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Name the Four Categories of Micro-Interventions
  • Differentiate DBT Skills introduced (e.g., Opposite Action or Paced Breathing)
  • Explain the utility of “storytelling” (aka social modeling) in brief-interventions
  • Apply “Do It Now” strategies to increase the likelihood of others acquiring new behaviors
  • Recall guidance for creating Caring Contacts
  • Describe the Biosocial Theory of Emotion Dysregulation (Stress Model)
  • Identify statements of hope and change statements considered to be Linking Statement

Cost: Free

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